Our Landscaping Retaining Wall Services

Boulder Retaining walls

Popular and Long-Lasting

Boulder retaining walls are aesthetically beautiful, the most popular and longest lasting retaining walls in Minnesota.

Concrete Retaining Walls

Appealing and Long-Lasting

Our aesthetically appealing precast concrete block retaining walls are economical, long-lasting, durable, and stand against Minnesota's cold weather.

Natural Stone Walls

Functional and Elegant

Natural stone retaining walls are functional, decorative, long-lasting and low maintenance. Natural stone retaining walls create an elegant look to increase your home values.

Why us?

Exceptional Landscape Retaining Wall Design

35 Years of Experience in Retaining Wall Design

Skilled Craftmanship for Retaining Wall Installation


Our Minneapolis landscape design team is well educated, has extensive experience, and brings an abundant creativity and commitment to every landscape retaining wall project.

The Minneapolis landscape design team's goal is to exceed your expectation every time